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Child Dental Care

Dental Care for Children

Children’s tooth can be damaged by various ways such as accidents, tooth decays and dental erosion. The first is unavoidable and requires professional treatment. Tooth decay is the pile up of bacteria on the tooth as a sticky layer called the plaque. These bacteria create acids by digesting sugar out of the food consumed, and weakens the tooth enamel. Erosion is the slow wear away of tooth enamel, caused by acids from sugared drinks such as fruit juices.

The following are tips to protect your child’s teeth:

Try to restrict sugary drinks in the diet

The important thing to consider is the frequency of drinks consumed, more than the quantity. Try to minimize your child's consumption of fruit juices, sweets, chocolates, and cakes. Fresh vegetables and fruits are healthier alternatives to the sugary foods, and water, of course is the best alternative to sugary drinks.


Toothbrushes for children are available in plenty. Brushing must be made a regular task, atleast twice a day. If your children are able to brush their own teeth, buy them a fluoride toothpaste and advise them to brush in a gentle, circular motion. It is better to supervise the activity initially.


This discipline focuses on pediatric/adolescent growth and development of the deno-facial apparatus, dental disease causality and prevention, child psychology and management, and all aspects of the highly-specialized Pediatric restorative techniques and modalities.

Our pediatric dentists also specialize in the care of "special needs" patients, such as people with cerebral palsy, mental retardation and autism. We emphasize the establishment of trust and confidence in children with their dentists.

Various interceptive and preventive procedures sach as pit and fissure sealents, space maintainers habit breaking appliances can be carried out to increase the longetivity of your child dentition.

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