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Gum Surgeries

It is a common notion that a beautiful smile is attributed only to the teeth. However, a beautiful smile has two components – teeth & gums.
The shape, size, contour, position and colour of the gums defines the smile.

It is essential to have healthy gums in order to have healthy teeth and subsequently a health smile!!

At our clinic all Gum related procedures are carried by specialists (Periodontists).

Sometimes, in order to treat advanced gum disease, surgical procedures are necessary. However, some of the procedures like;

  • Crown Lengthening
  • Soft / Hard Tissue Grafts
  • Dark to pink gums (depigmentation of gums )

Procedures are intended not only to control disease, but to provide you with a cosmetic benefit. Some patients may look older than their years because their teeth appear to be too long. Soft tissue grafts and other root coverage procedures are designed to cover exposed roots and make the teeth look much better.

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