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Instant tooth Whitening!!!

Are you conscious of your smile due to your yellow teeth?

The Perfect 32 can make you smile without any inhibitions by giving you sparkling white teeth you always longed for!! We do Single Sitting Tooth whitening using a whitening agent (peroxide). The duration of the sitting is 60 min. You are a mere 60 min away from a sparkling white smile!!


Three fundamental bleaching approaches exist, namely, dentist supervised night guard bleaching, in-office or power bleaching and mass market bleaching products. In-office bleaching generally uses relatively optimum levels of whitening agents, for example 25–35% hydrogen peroxide containing products, for shorter time periods. The whitening gel is applied to the teeth after protection of the soft tissues and the peroxide may be further activated by heat or light. The inoffice treatment can result in significant whitening after only one treatment visit but may require multiple treatment appointments for more whitening.

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